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2014 04 21

Notes on Chapter 1 of Authority by Nathan Barry

I was fortunate enough to receive a hard copy of Nathan Barry’s Authority. I’m going to try something new and post notes on the chapters as I read. If you want a quick recommendation, the answer is: Yes, you should buy this book.

Chapter 1: On Writing

An interesting side-note the author just threw in there:

Rather than having to continue high school for a set number of years, I was given a fixed amount of schoolwork I needed to complete to graduate. I saw that as a checklist and dove in.

If I recall correctly, he finished high school by 15 or 16 years of age.

Reading in between the lines, the author starts the book off talking about writing. Specifically, when to write (consistently) and what to write (write so that people learn). There is some incidental contact with the whys of writing, but later chapters delve more on the whys & hows of writing.

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