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Mastodon Thoughts and Helpful Resources For New Users

I’m on Mastadon now:


I have some thoughts. It’s harder to use. The federation concept is nice from a developer perspective. Conceptually, it’s like each Mastodon instance is usually a mini-community. In twitter these were modeled as lists, hashtag searches and later, communities (the subreddit-like feature). From a security and safety point of view, it allows you to not only block people, but entire communties that are problematic from federating with you.

In practice the @username and #hashtag conventions really made a difference in conceptual simplicity that Mastadon simply can’t replicate.

I don’t think twitter will go away. it’s more likely to fracture than totally disappear. but the end result may be similar…

Mastodon toots that help me understand Mastodon

Great summary of Mastodon etiquette for new users:


On content warnings:

https://mstdn.social/@rysiek/109306419120230778 https://mastodon.social/@Gargron/109323056922301691

On the new user influx:

https://mastodon.me.uk/@Emmie/109310031640723343 https://mastodon.social/@mmasnick/109310482547233335

It’s normal to have alt accounts:






Mobile & Desktop Apps:


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