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`go fmt` is the best part of go

  • communication and empathy are the most important parts of engineering.
  • Go fmt is tool enforced clarity. Clarity is important for communication.
  • Every language should have go fmt like tools and infrastructure.

Imagine a traveler. This traveler has a unique constraint. He can only take a step if he juggles balls that match the color of the landscape around him. In some places, like a barren desert, this isn’t a large number. But it other places, like city or a fruit garden, it’s a tremendous number of balls and colors that require coordination and focus. Just to take a single step.

Like our hypothetical traveler, Engineers are constantly keeping track of multiple high and low level concepts during any given coding session. Examples include product requirements, testability, scale, bugs, security concerns, performance requirements, and many more.

Standardized, tool enforced formatting is one less ball to track.

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