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@amattn Introduces BeachBin: Baked Blogs in Go

This is the historical, possibly legendary first entry of BeachBin.

BeachBin is a site generator. From the perspective of a napkin’s tush, it holds distant lineage with Jekyll. BeachBin is loosely inspired by Marco Arment’s Second Crack. Having written at least two other “flat file processor”-style site generators, it was time to:

  1. Finally do it right
  2. Learn a new language

As a stalwart promoter of generated or “baked” blogs, the fundamental advantages warm the soul and send the heart pittering. Occasionally, there may even be pattering!

Modern Javascript is able to overcome most of the inherent detriments and deficiencies. The last keystone slid into place with satiating “thunk” when Marco Arment mentioned that Second Crack used Dropbox as its primary mechanism of getting data onto the server.

The advantage of Dropbox, is the removal a large portion of the psychological resistance to writing and publishing. A very software solution to a meat-space weakness.

More on the Go language soon. In order to taunt, tempt and yes, even beguile, I will softly divulge that Go, even in its nascent, embryonic state, is a tremendous productivity multiplier. I wish my competitors to use other lesser means of craft.

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