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2021 01 01

2020 Year in Review

This is a set of bullet point lists about variously things I’ve done, experienced or come across in 2020. Items listed in no particular order.

Inspired by Fogus.

Past editions: 2019 Year in Review



Programming Languages & Technologies

I like very much all of the above technologies. Elixir in particular, I’m very happy with. It is relatively new to me though, so I may be in a honeymoon phase.


Popular Content by me:

My most popular content of 2020 According to Analytics:

Some of those are ancient. There are 2011, 2012 and 2013 era technical tutorials still getting SEO hits for some reason.

Apparently, my engineering management or recruiting content doesn’t rate.

Content I’m proud of:

It doesn’t get any SEO juice, but I’m proud of the management content I write.

Also I’m quite proud of what I stream at It’s mostly Elixir content these days, but hoping to do more around engineering management and recruiting.



Roughly a 5% increase. This isn’t really indicative of learning however as I’ve been using the built-in to MacOS and iOS far more lately. as of today, 907 note entries. around 300 of them were created or edited in 2020.

Best Blog posts or other content read

The best stuff I come across I will typically post on twitter.

Best Books Read

Overall number of books read in 2020: ??? across paper, kindle, iBooks.

Favorite Media:

Disney+ is killing it with content suited to my tastes. The family prefers Netflix, but I’ll likely be a D+ subscriber for a long time.

Favorite Gadget:

One of those little round robo-vacuums.

Favorite Life Tip:

Inspired by this reddit thread, I think this could be a great question to ask to learn something quickly:

What feature of X is used very often by experienced programmers/users/etc, but not so much by a newbie?


Obviously, not a big year for travel.


Obviously, not a big year for conferences.

Recap: Todo in 2020

The 2020 Todos were originally published in my 2019 Year in Review

Did not accomplish:

Todo in 2021

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